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If you are planning to come to Armenia and are interested in its culture and religious heritage, these and similar packages correspond to your wish. The majority of the Armenian population are Christians of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Armenia has inherited an ancient and rich Christian culture that in many cases is called an open air museum. It includes important medieval monastic complexes that have played an important and important role in the history of the Armenian Church.
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Day 1
Meeting and transfer to Yerevan.
Accommodation in the hotel. Evening tour in Yerevan. A bus tour in Yerevan during which we will stop at Victory Park near Mother Armenia Memorial, which offers a beautiful view of the city center. Visit to Cascade Complex Greeting Dinner with Ethnographic Cultural Program (Armenian Folk Songs and Dances) at “Yerevan Pandok” Restaurant. An evening walk through the center of Yerevan. We will reach the Republic Square by the Northern Avenue. Participation in the “Singing Fountains” show. Return to hotel.
Day 2
Yerevan – Holy – Hripsime – Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin – Zvartnots – Yerevan
We drive to St. Echmiadzin, which is just 20 km from Yerevan. It is the spiritual center of Armenia and the residence of the Catholicos of All Armenians. During the way we will have a stopover at St. Hripsime Church, which was founded in about 618 by Catholicos Komitas I of Aghetsi. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Then we will set for the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and visit the Treasury of Echmiadzin, where many sacred relics are preserved, including the Holy Geghard, where legend has it that Christ was crucified. Visit to Zvartnots, one of the greatest examples of early medieval Armenian architecture, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Return to Yerevan and visit Ararat Brandy Factory. Excursion and several types of brandy tasting. Free night in Yerevan.
Day 3
Yerevan – Khor Virap – Noravank – Tatev Monastery – Yerevan
We head to Tatev Monastery in southern Armenia. On the way we will have a stopover to view the Khor Virap Monastery of the 17th century, which offers a magnificent view of the Biblical Mount Ararat.It was one of the most famous pilgrimage places of Armenia which is connected with the name of Gregory the Illuminator. The next stop will be the Noravank Monastery Complex surrounded by mysterious red rocks built in XIII-XIV centuries. Then we will leave for Tatev, a medieval monastic complex in Armenia, where we will climb the Tatev Monastery by the world’s longest Tatev ropeway. Return to Yerevan.
Day 4
Yerevan – Sevanavank – Goshavank – Haghartsin – Yerevan
We travel to Tavush region of Armenia, Haghartsin 10th century Armenian monastic complex, 18 km away from Dilijan city. On the way we will have a stopover and admire the blue Sevan and the Sevanavank monastery on its peninsula. The next stop will be Goshavank, an Armenian religious complex on the edge of the Gosh village in the Tavush region of Armenia, on the right bank of the Getik River. Goshavank was a major religious, educational and cultural center of Armenia in the 13th century. There was a high-leveled educational institution, which in historical sources has been called a college, university, seminary. Then we will leave for Haghartsin Monastery Complex. Myth tells us that during the opening and consecration of the monastery, an eagle soared over the dome of the main church, after that it became known as a player (or soaring) eagle monastery (“sword” means game, and “eagle” means eagle). From that the word Haghartsin originated.
Day 5
Yerevan – Garni – Stone Symphony – Geghard Monastery – Yerevan
Drive to Kotayk region of Armenia Geghardavank. On the way there is a photo stop near the “Charents Arch” monument, which offers a magnificent view of Mount Ararat. Then go to the Garni Pagan Temple, which is the only monument preserved in the period of paganism and Hellenism. It was built in the 1st century after the Armenian Roman War as a sign of the strengthening of the Armenian Roman friendship. A short hike to the Garni Gorge, where you will see a magnificent monument called “Symphony of Stones” created by nature. Lunch in rural area – participation in lavash baking process and tasting. We will go to Geghard Monastery Complex, a wonderful example of medieval Armenian architecture (XII-XIII centuries), a UNESCO World Heritage object. Return to Yerevan.
Day 6
Yerevan – Museum of History – Tsitsernakaberd – Shopping in Yerevan
Visit to the Museum of History of Armenia, where exhibits showcasing various artifacts representing the history of the millennium of the Armenian Highland range from the Paleolithic to the present day. Visit to the Memorial to the Armenian Genocide Victims, built on Tsitsernakaberd hill in Yerevan. The memorial has become a pilgrimage site for all Armenians. Every year on April 24, hundreds of thousands of Armenians and foreigners flock here to pay tribute to the victims of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Turkish government in the Ottoman Empire in 1915. Many people in Yerevan visit the Tsitsernakaberd monument and lay flowers at the eternal fire. We will visit the famous Vernissage souvenir market in Yerevan for shopping. Free evening.
Day 7
Yerevan – Airport
Set for the airport. We wish you a good flight.

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