The 6 most terrifying attractions in the world

1. Giant Canyon Swing

This attraction is located on the edge of the Glenwood Caverns, 400 meters above the Colorado River.

2. Insane

The attraction is located on the roof of one of the tallest buildings in Las Vegas, the Stratosphere Hotel. This attraction rides 274 meters at a speed of 60 km/h.

3. Big Shot

Another crazy attraction at the Stratosphere Hotel. It is considered to be the highest in terms of altitude above the earth’s surface. The catapult ascends at a speed of 329 meters at 72 km/h and then steeply descends.

4. X Scream

This attraction is a small car, located on the edge of the hotel roof. It gathers speed and rails 8 meters from the edge of the tower’s roof.

5. Takabisha

This attraction of the famous Japanese Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the sharpest angle (121 degrees).

6. Colossus

This is the world’s most haunted attraction and is located in the Thorpe Amusement Park in the UK. It can boast 10 rings, including a double coil, a cobra coil, and more. Attraction length is 850 meters and speed is 77 km/h.