Special offer

Free pick-up and transfer to Yerevan from the airport and in the reverse order. This is a special offer in 2020, which will be valid until November 1, 2020. This is a pleasant surprise for Eram guests, both for new and regular customers. This offer will allow our customers to combine comfort with savings due to a small reduction in operating costs. Continue to use our services to discover new places, new worlds, new cultures and more.
We greatly value trust.


Our experience is the key to fully enjoying your vacation. Eram company offers walking tours in light extreme conditions, active and ecotourism tours in the picturesque nature of Armenia. Climbing and landing, impassable places, hiking trails in the heart of a unique nature, spending the night in the forest, horseback riding, ziplines, paragliders and much more.
We greatly value trust.

Bonus system

The bonus system was introduced in March 2019 and today has benefited more than 100 customers and become regular customers.

Issued upon first visit

Bonus Business Card – Silver 5% Discount

Bonus Business Card – Gold 8% Discount
On the second visit, you are given an 8% discount and you will have the previous one, which you can give to relatives or friends

We strive to reduce the cost of our regular customers, but maintain the quality of the services provided.

Our achievements

One of the most important directions in our achievements is the atmosphere of trust between us and our customers, which in turn paved the way for our newly established company. New and young staff were recruited, bringing new ideas, and consequently new packages, new directions, which were quickly integrated among tourists. The Yeram Travel Brand is well known today in the Republic of Armenia and abroad.