Never Cease To Amaze

Surely there are many wonderful places on Earth. Perhaps every corner of our planet we can find unique landscapes, they are real and do not cease to surprise us. We suggest getting to know some of them.

Discover 10 of the most amazing places on our planet.

1. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

2. Vermillion Cliffs National Reserve, USA

3. Great Prismatic Spring” with a water temperature of 70 ° C, Yellowstone National Park, USA

4. Crescent Lake in Gobi Desert, China

5. 11300 Hectares rice fields, Yunnan, China

6. Geothermal springs Pamukkale, Turkey

7. Tectonic cavity Afar, East Africa

8. Natron Salt Lake, Africa

9. Wai O Tapu Geothermal Park, New Zealand

10. “Hell Doors” – a natural gas burning crater in the middle of the desert, Turkmenistan